Scai 3d Flight System


A flight system that can fly people or equipment in speeds up to  20 m/s.
We do point lifts for pure vertical movements, and 2D/3D flights to move in two or three dimensions. 

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Portable flight system

One of the most commonly used equipment in our arsenal is our versatile flight system that can be assembled at almost any desired location. It reaches up to 6m high and allows us to fly an actor, performer or prop in either two dimensions, or as a single vertical point lift. 


Safety equipment and harnesses

We have a wide variety of harnesses and we can modify or create new ones.

  • Jerk harness
  • Climbing harness
  • Cartweel harness
  • Swivel Harness
  • Custom made harnesses

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Misc Equipment

  • Crash mats in several sizes
  • Props and replicas
  • Truss and rigging equipment
  • Air bag and cardboard boxes (for high falls)
  • Air ram  (Pneumatic device that catapults the performer)
  • Ratchet  (Pneumatisk device that jerks the performer in any chosen direction)


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