One of the most convenient unique features of Svenska Stuntgruppen is that we have our own studio, in which we can both shoot simpler scenes for clients, but more importantly test scenes before the actual day of shooting. This saves a lot of time and allows us to be well prepared, and it also let’s directors or DOP’s to see a preview of the result even before the project has gone into production phase. 

Our big studio is about 375 m^2 and has 8m ceiling height.
It can endure both fire and rain effects and we already have a selection of rigging points ready.

Our elevator takes you to floor 0, but to get to the studio floor located at -1 you use our ramp. 


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Elevator size

  • Height 2.3m
  • Width: 2m
  • Depth: 3.1m


Download studio blueprint


The studio is also appropriate for events and parties


We also have a fighting studio in which we can practice specific moves, fighting choreographies and falls, and we can provide workshop sessions with actors before a demanding role. The floor is completely padded and we have several crash pads for more demanding falls. He can produce a “pre-vis” of any given fight choreography and then send it to production for evaluation. 

Our fight- and training studio.