A flying harness allows the performer to do a backward or forward somersault, or to pose in any angle in between. It attaches to the hips on your center of gravity and will only add 1-2 inches (2,5-5cm) to the actor’s girth. 

A jerk harness allows us to pull the performer in any direction and it has up to 50 attachment points. We have various sizes, including Normal, Small and Child. 

Flying shorts are slim and have 40 attachment points, which makes it really easy for instance to have the actor in a static pose during long takes. Compared to the flying harness however, it has no swivel points which means the actor cannot spin or rotate in the harness. 

The martial art harness is the the slimmest harness we have, and it allows a bit more movement from the performer compared to most other harnesses. Similar to the flying shorts they have no swivel points so you can’t rotate in them, and using this harness is a bit more demanding for the performer. We commonly use this on motion capture shoots, since the harness wont obstruct markers as much. 

A Twisting ring harness allows the performer to rotate in all directions.  This harness is mostly used in live productions because of the ring surrounding the waist of the performer and that might be tricky to remove in post production. 

A Foot strap is good for supporting various poses in combination with other harnesses or for lifting a performer in their ankle. 


We have a wide variety of harnesses for any occasion, including swivel harnesses, flying shorts and jerk harnesses.


We also have several tools for securing team members off camera, with safety harnesses and belts.
We can customize and modify any harness for a specific stunt and we can even design and sew our own if we have to.

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