If you wish to have an actor fly, or if an explosion throws him away, we have both the stunt performers and  equipment for it.


We can rig up the necessary attachment points which then allows us to either jerk or manipulate the performer in the air. We have done everything from supernatural superhero-jumps to mysterious levitating creatures and violent explosions. We can also do something called “bungee decelerator” that allows us to jump or fall from a great altitude, and then land on the ground as if we jumped from a much lower height.

If you want to do very advanced flying scene, you can use our unique SCAI 3D that can either fly a person in three dimensions up to 5 m/s or make amazing tracking shots where both the camera and actor fly at the same time and follow each other in the air. Learn more about SCAI 3D here.

If we need to do a powerful jerk, e.g. when a character is hit by an explosion or powerful punch, we can use a ratchet. It’s a pneumatic device that allows us to adjust the strength of the jerk, and that we then hook up to our stunt performer.